Saturday, February 23, 2013

Maladies of Facebook

It was after much prodding by friends and alike that led me to join FB, myself being an individual who's averse to anything VIRTUAL, it doesn't sink deep, yet it affects and this is the heartfelt realization at the end of two years. More then being usual curiosity about what's happening in someone else's life, I guess it rather acts as as an anodyne, something one can't do away with, for that matter its too flippant to even stay or linger on for long. You see, you like, post a comment and move on without caring ......and thus continues a cycle of relationship that isn't substantive or yielding yet conducive as its the easiest, mindless way of killing stress.

(pic courtesy: onlinebizsmarts)

Inanities thrive in abounds, first and foremost you are  supposed to look good and I mean it, for unless and until the moment captured in pixels satisfies the gaze of dullards you don't earn Likes that easily. There used to be this roommate of mine who would accompany me on most of our weekend trips to malls and other hang-outs yet would refrain from getting herself clicked and in case you managed to convince her for a snap she made sure that never made its way to FB, why??? yes girls are weary of posting pics online but more than that it was her being conscious about not being a damsel, that perhaps explained it all. Essentially we are obsessed with packaging and therefore there's no time nor means to evaluate someone may be by her genuine smile or the naive glint in her eyes, no matter how fat he or she is, what clothes they wear, which place they are at and so on.

Its easy to befriend everyone right from school to college to previous workplace on FB than confronting them in real life, relationships that seldom spar more than a few years no matter what phase of life one is caught in, its easy to carry the luggage in the form of a backpack than a heavy baggage on your head, its grueling indeed! Its easy to exchange niceties online rather than catch up in person to understand what an individual is jostling with currently. And we are happy like that to be a part of the smorgasbord where everyday everywhere everyone says I'm Fine!!!!!!

And for all the intellectuals who claim it to be the hub of right-winged jilted populace, hang on, for there is an army of left-winged thinkers too spewing out their thoughts on everything under the sun. Does that help? In a sense yes, for at least catharsis is anyways better than productive churning. 

Nebulous minds, wanderers bereft of ideas literally puke when their nonsensical outburst on portals related to Pakistan comes inadvertently on your timeline too. And then there are those 'diljale' types, who would share tonnes of photos to  proclaim how devastated they have been compared to their counterparts who are exploding with love for their spouse at the moment, yes 120 photos of honeymoon and you are expected to surf through each of them!!!!!

Yet with all its wackiness and shallowness it fills a vacuum where relationships have truly gone for a toss. After all, an article in the Atlantic says it all, an octogenarian actress who was found dead after a month, surrounded by letters of her fans, than any relative or friend by her side. Living together is no more an integral concept of society, accessibility has alas increased the distance manifolds.