Saturday, August 20, 2011

Before Anna Hazare movement there were other outstanding examples of courage by Indians who stood against the repressive state

1. Kashmir protests against Indian Army occupation
2. Khairlanji protests in Nagpur where 4 Dalits were brutally murdered
3. Manipur women protesting against Manorama Devi rape and murder by Assam Rifles personnel
4. Anti Vedanta stir
5. Bhopal Gas tragedy ( Dow Chemicals is the main sponsor of London Olympics 2012.This is what a corporation got after killing 15000 people and maiming over a million)
6. Singur protests
7. Swami Nigmanada's 'Save Ganga' campaign
8. Irom Sharmila is fasting for the past 10 years ( She is still unheard because she is not backed by a battery of telegenic commentators, experts , yoga gurus,best selling authors and Anupam Kher)
9. Bant Singh, a Dalit farmer , whose limbs were hacked because he dared protest against upper caste farmers and landlords in Punjab
10. UP farmers against land acquisition
11. Anti POSCO stir
12. Niyamgiri tribals against lang grab by corporations