Thursday, March 8, 2012

Get used to being ‘sexy’

Sexy, sexy mujhe log bole, hi sexy hello sexy kyon bole……

Well that’s how the lines of a racy number of ‘Khuddar’ (1994) goes, this being one of Karishma Kapoor’s film in which the audience was just getting familiar with the latkas and jhatkas of the Kapoor bala. A clearly etched memory associated with the song is that of the volume of television being turned down whenever the song made its appearance. After all ‘sexy’ wasn’t supposed to be a term to gain entry into one’s lexicon when you are still a toddler!

The much censored word however did pop up again albeit in a modified form. One-by-cos-c, that’s how we used to poke fun way back at school while still dabbling with the many throes of teenage. Circa 2012, Mamta Sharma, chairperson of the National Commission for Women (NCW) wants us to believe and re-assures that when a guy uses the term sexy all he’s trying to do is appreciate the gorgeous lady in front of him. Indeed these are ooh-la-la times when such frivolous notions are being compelled to be taken with a pinch of salt.

Am I behaving like a feminist aghast with the recent outrageous turn of events? Not really for individuals like Mamta Sharma especially when such profane creed lies like a scumbag and that too on top of coveted organizations like those of NCW, they ought to behave responsibly. Allow me Ms. Sharma to roll out a slew of certain horrifying facts for your awareness sake – as many as 75,930 cases of domestic violence were reported (as recorded by the NCRB, National Crime Records Bureau) in India in 2007, there being an increase of 20.6% since 2006 when such instances came to light; female foeticide has increased by 49.2% between 1999-2000 (what a sham in a country where an entire festival of Navratri, a period of nine days is dedicated to the worship of Devi but there are those who don’t want to welcome her when she comes knocking at their doors in the form of an angelic child!).

That’s certainly not all for some more figures on this front would jolt you even more – a total of 16,373 women were raped during the year 2002, that amounting to almost one woman whose chastity was being devoured every 32 minutes. The idea is not to sound insensitive or cause chills down one’s spine but if such be the harsh reality of times we inhabit how the NCW chairperson can afford to behave in such a callous way. One would surely expect erudition from her at least on matters that concern the fairer sex, gimmicking around with the word ‘sexy’ urging it to be a part of the normal parlance is simply uncalled for. It really sounds ridiculously foolish and pronto verbal mischief and nothing else!

Even as several women become victims of exploitation of sorts at work-place and some of their counterparts prefer to mark the Women’s Day by stating the size of their shoes (yup! That’s how the message went viral last time on Facebook), we have at hand the recent case of Falak, a two-year old girl inflicted with life-threatening bruises and was admitted to AIIMS in January, 2012; the eerie facts related to the case hinting towards an intricate mess of human trafficking.

No Ms. Sharma we are not going to swallow the usage of ‘sexy’ so readily since it doesn’t behoove with the very perspective men seem to harbor for the women of their vicinity. While you might have just returned from a visit to the Khajuraho or feeling exulted post a foray into the Lakme India Fashion Week, there are thousands of women who jostle for respect from their chauvinistic male peers. Despite the Delhi Metro reserving a separate coach for women, there is little respite from the uncomfortable stares if one happens to land in a general coach in a hurry on any given day.

A large section of women in India shudder to think of Naina Sahni murder case or the brutal killing of Jessica Lal for that matter, the fight for justice exasperating the family members of the victims to unimaginable limits. Not to forget, regions of the North have also witnessed bizarre instances of acid attack, a horrendous act of vindication on part of spurned lovers. It would be like living in a fool's paradise by refusing to acknowledge all those absurdities and begin to relish the oddities of being sexy and stuff.

On a lighter note, it would take time for girls who feel a sense of empowerment on wearing jeans or sleeveless outfits to become accustomed to the word ‘sexy’. Slim, gori and beautiful would still retain their stature as the most sought after words in a matrimonial ad, the convent-educated being an add-on of course. So Madam Chairperson, watch out for your words next time when you decide of introducing another path-breaking idea. For I would still choose to turn down the volume of the idiot box for my five-year old niece if it blares the racy Karishma Kapoor’s number, everything has a time for assimilation you see!

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