Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Allahabad - Kuch naya, kuch wahi purana sa


  1. Oh i loved it ,,, u havent yet lost touch with formal hindi,,commendable! N yeah yr sarcasm has improved ;) actually presents true picture of ald,,, u shud have added the craze for "malls".As Well ,, :)

    1. @Damini thnx a lot buddy 4 ur lovely comment; well putting up against all odds in a place like delhi improves one's sarcasm nd more importantly adds on 2 ur humor quotient:)Oops i forgot abt dat relentless fetish 4 malls, so much ws churning in my mind it jst slipped out yar!!wud try nd cum up wid more such posts in hindi preferably in proper typed form wid sum affable images too:)